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2018 SEO Trends You Must Know

1. Mobile Continues To Reign

Online features are easier to access with mobile apps and devices. Instead of declining in use, the mobile aspect of things continue to push forward, especially with new features. Google is also taking measures to make sure that sites are mobile-compatible.

2. The Best User Interface!

If there are too many things happening with your website, it’s chaotic and confusing. And these two things is what causes people to leave your site without doing anything. You need to make it as minimal as possible yet informative and useful as well.

3. Why Be Familiar With A.M.P.?

Businesses should be able to guarantee that their websites will work in whatever mobile devices that are being used. And the A.M.P. is something you need to be familiar with to effectively configure the site effectively. It saves time for most people!

4. Be Listed in the Local Search

Mobile internet usage is something that has grown over time because of its convenience and usefulness. Many users use the internet to find the most suitable services for them. And most of these businesses are listed in the local search. You have to be listed in that too to so your business is easily searched.

5. It’s Not Just Quantity.

Don’t rely on keywords. No matter how many you put, if your content isn’t good, there’s no chance for the website to be seen or even be recognized. Quality of content is what you need to invest on. This needs to address your visitors needs.

5 SEO trends

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